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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

~* A weekend of Adenture =) *~

Ive nver had a weekend so packed for such a long time...and Ive probably never jumped straight into bed so fast for awhile... but an adventure-packed weekend is awesome! =D And suddenly, a weekend's not just for 'nua-ing' anymore. I probably have Lyanna to thank for this cos I gotta bring her around..like a good sis would. wahaha.

Morning and Arvo--> Bushwalking! At Mount Tambourine to see a teeny tinny waterfall, the Gallery Walk and a bit of Gold Coast's beach after. This event was oranised by CCA. Go CCA~! =D You'd be able to find a vid of the event under Yewlim's facebook..just cos we were monkeying around the Kia. =D haha.

Enjoyin each other's company on the cold mountain trail. =)

Lyanna and Eunice Monkeying around in the water at Gold Coast. =D

Night--->Fright Night at Movie World!
This was Lyanna's first time in the worlds and on a ride! =D It was really cool because the theme park was all done up in a Halloween theme..which was rather creative..and scary because lots of people where dresses up as nightmarish creatures. And Lyanna cried quite a bit from the scary rides and the 'scary' horror mazes. hehe. Poor thing.But we had full-on fun. =D =D =D

At the enterance of Movie World. See how its all done up all red, smokey and nightmarish? wahahaha

Looking all glamourous in our funky 3D glasses for the 4D Shrek show. =)

Ooh look! Even Bugs bunny is done up in bandages. hehe!

I love this classic old vintage car! =D

Arvo---> Horse-riding!!! With Lyanna, Yewlim, Estee and Clarence.
This was the same place I brought LiQi to. The weather was slightly rainy just before we got there, but God was amazing, he held most of the rain in and we had an amazing ride. hehe. LQ! I didnt get a stubborn horse this time! haha. And Lyanna horse turned around and bit her knee. haha! It was quite hilarious. =D

Lyanna and a teethered horse. =D

Yewlim and his ride. =D Look, they're best friends already. hehe.

Taking a picture with Yewlim's horse too. =D

Night---> Steak at Normans!
Awesome steak. Even Lyanna ate it thou she doesnt like steak in general. =D A satisfying end to a satisfying weekend. What does next week have in store? =D=D =D

Lyanna and her meal! Yum...
You will find more pictures up on facebook soon..when I set up an album of Lyanna's trip to Aussie. =D For now..its bringing Lyanna for more shopping sprees..and a planned Gold Coast trip on sat! =D
I cant wait to blog my next post... I want to introduce my new baby piggys~! =D=D =D

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Monday, October 05, 2009

*A heart's bling*

Diamonds...often labelled as a girl's best friend. why? Because girls love bling! =D Maybe its a feminine nature to search for beauty, and what can beat a diamond's clarity, its endearing hardness through trials and it potential for an incredible shine grows in 'bling' as it obtains different cuts.

Its a perfect representation of the potential in each one of us. How, if we were to surrender to the Maker's perfect plan...to grow in personality and strength just as life shapes us to be,enduring different trials that would cut and polish us... that we would turn out just like a raw diamond to something of great value in a store. That we would be able to shine in this world, in our own place and in our own way, for Christ.

And thats what I think abt as I contemplate and smile at a treasured gift my darling gave to me recently. It was a little heart necklace with a tiny diamond. It is a perfect representation of how we are made to shine..from our heart. For above all else, is love. And it doesnt really matter how small we start out with, like my little diamond..its still precious. And I can imagine how our Father in heaven would smile, just like I did, and say His famous phase: "It is good".

Oh how I love little revealations like this. =)

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

*~ In dedication to love~*

What does it mean to love unconditionally from a human perspective? I find myself searching out the answer within me time and time again. And this is in respect to loving the one you'd spend the rest of your life with. How do you break the barrier to the mindset that marriange might be a prison you confine oneself in for the rest of your life. With all the marriange and talk of marriage going around me nowadays, I find myself confronting me in the question of marriage. And it always boils down to ...how ready am I for it?... what can I do for him? Can we love each other unconditionally despite our individuality and through our differences?

The talk I heard on the radio today about troubled marriages echoed:' It's all about the heart'. And it said this about people looking to get divorced: ' the person you're married to is exactly what you've always wanted to marry'. And I think they researched and stated that the next person a divorcee marries is always one with the same personality but a different outer look. So in other words, you just changed the 'shell' of it.

To me, a marriage would be the ultimate expression of forever love. As much as Hollywood paints it as a 'temporarily thing', it is in fact, one of the most important decision a person can ever make in his or her life. Most people dont realise that marriage takes away the 'you' and 'me' and changes it into 'us'. And thats what its meant to be. God made Eve for an important purpose. If Adam could live happily and perfectly without a companion, there wouldnt be a need for Eve. And Eve was in God's perfect plan.

In relation to me now.. I have been pretty much a grumpy little thing recently.. for some reason falling into the lack of self-worth more often than not. Everything seemed beautiful, except for me. Who would want a pimpled, long tangle haired, fat Lyddie >.< *even the squids wont take my jig. -_-'''* Sometimes the future looked quite bleak from my angle.

But I know that through my mood swings * more often than not in this chilly weather*.. I have firstly, Jesus, my rock on which I stand and secondly, my dearest Yewlim whose love I know stands true, who somehow finds it in him to love me, just as I am. That doesnt mean we dont fight, it just means we know we love it other even though we DO fight and get so mad at each other sometimes. =D Like nobody's perfect..and Im learning how to love, everyday.

I love you, darling. And in our future I put my hopes and dreams and trust that somehow, God will provide and God will undertake. =D

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~*Meeting squids*~

Fishing for squids, also known as squiding, is my new found hobby. =D Squids are relatively easy to catch if they're in the location, they make yummy table food, they dont have sharp fins to poke you with and the squid jigs used to catch them come in an array of pretty fluorescent colours! I used to be so detered against squiding becase of the unearthly hours in the morning I have to get out of bed to go catch these little critters. Apparently, dawn and dusk are good timming to catch them. I wouldnt go in the dark, becasue they're armed with good ink squirting skills, and it would take much for a blur block like me to avoid it. haha.

So I had my first squiding adventure at Cleveland on saturday morning with Yewlim, Clarence, Estee and Adrian. It was a rainy morning.. such a terrible day to get out... and only Clarence managed to catch a squid! Lucky guy. =D I was so intrigued by the squid.. I alwasy thought that squids were white with a purplish outer skin. Thats how they were, dead and on ice in the wet markets and in NUTC. But boy, was I ever so wrong. Squids are one of the prettiest things you can catch out of the ocean, with their natural ability to change colour according to their mood, and their bright eyes, one of the sharpest in the ocean. They are also curious little creatures, which eventually lands them on the dinner table, but. yea, part of God's amazing pictures.

Here's the poor one that Clarence caught on Saturday morning. =D Its going to become salt and pepper calamari on my dinner plate. =D yum.

This is how it looked like when it changed to white. =D

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

~* Yewlim's home-coming!!!*~

Thursday marked the day of Yewlim's exam for his 'rural rotation'.. after 8 weeks. and that means his coming home!! YAY. =D. To celebrate his homecoming and to add a little colour to my 'stay at home and write thesis life', I was inspired to bake up a batch of PINK fruit cupcakes! Totally pink, totally Lydia.. totally yum. =D I pretty much threw together what I had at home. with pink colouring. =D I had loads of fun.

Here's my cupcake batter, in pink cupcake moulds before they were baked. =D

The finished baked products. The one on the right is Yewlim's personal 'heart-shaped' one. teehee. The background shows the mascarpone cheese icing that will be topped onto each cupcake.
My completed little cupcakes.=D I had two plates. haha

Yewlim's personal cupcake. =D [Lydia loves Yewlim!] =D =D =D
I did subsequently get banned from making such cupcakes cos Yewlim said they were 'too yummy' and spoiled his diet. bleah. Its not my fault that he couldnt stop eating more and more the moment he started on one. =_=. Bleah.
Life should be this pretty. =D

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*~ Sweet indulgence~*

The rain, weather and deadlines have been getting me down. Not having much choices for food in the week is also quite boring and uninteresting. Instead of the usual rustling around in the cupboards to put together a brekkie, I decided to make something new today. Flipping through one of shunzy's recipe books, I found a simple pancake recipe! Wanting something 'different', I decided to make heart shape pancakes. =D They turned out to be quite tasty although they didnt seem to brown well in the frying pan. teehee. Four huge heart shaped pancakes and one absolutely chao-tared one later..I decided to put them nicely and take a picture!=D

lots n lots and lots of maple syrup and strawberry jam kept me happy. =D =D

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